New Photo Challenge: “Urbanites – people´s life in the city”

happy monday –  © Manfred Juengling

Urbanites – People´s life in the city

Our new Photo Challenge will set a focus on people.

For that we decided to set a focus on people living their life in a city. Watching people doing their job, relaxing, making fun or just enjoying a moment, this could lead to interesting photos.

Pick up any situation of people in a city as main motive and upload your photo to participate in our Photo Challenge. All photos will be voted by members to find the best.

Show us situations within or around a train station!

Get inspired by your own creativity!

This is your chance to participate in this Photo Challenge!

Structure and stages of the Photo Challenge:

Upload & Voting Phase until 21. August 2019

Extended Voting Only Phase until 29. August 2019

Announcement of the Results: 30. August 2019

How to participate:

  1. All registered photographers of fotocommunity are eligible to participate. (Register now)
  2. Each account may participate in the Photo Challenge with 3 different pictures.
  3. All premium members of fotocommunity are eligible to vote.
  4. Please no copyright notice in the photo and in the title!
  5. Photos that do not fit into the competition will be removed.
  6. The photos are anonymous during the upload and voting phase.
  7. Failure to comply to the rules will result in administrative removal of the photo.

Interested? Upload your photo here !

The first three winning photos will be placed in the Gallery.

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