New Photo Challenge: “Clouds”


setting sun above the clouds – photographer: kharmencita

Our new Photo Challenge sets a focus on clouds, single or multiple, in a city or above a landscape or from an airplane.

Over the year we meet situations, when clouds catch our view. Either they appear in stunning formation or they add a dramatic touch to the scene or they are soaked in awesome lights and colors.

Grab your camera and watch the sky for clouds above!

Upload your picture of any clouds captured and participate in our new Photo Challenge. All photos will be voted by members to find the best.

The first three winning photos will win a premium membership (valued at 15 Euro, either voucher or extension of term)

Structure and stages of the Photo Challenge:

Upload & Voting Phase until 19. November 2022

Extended Voting Only Phase until 25. November 2022

Announcement of the Results: 27. November 2022

How to participate:

  1. All registered photographers of fotocommunity are eligible to participate. (Register now)
  2. Each account may participate in the Photo Challenge with 3 different pictures.
  3. All premium members of fotocommunity are eligible to vote.
  4. Please no copyright notice in the photo and in the title!
  5. Photos that do not fit into the competition will be removed.
  6. The photos are anonymous during the upload and voting phase.
  7. Failure to comply to the rules will result in administrative removal of the photo.
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