Important: tag your photos! Here is a short guideline

Assign keywords to your photos

Every day thousands of photos are uploaded to fotocommunity. But how can you be sure your photos will be found some days later? This is, why „tagging“ should be an important part of your workflow before publishing a photo.

Tagging your photos means that you describe them with matching keywords, so that your photos are easily found by the users in relevant search results.

The choice of the right keywords is crucial, because even a great photo is completely useless if it is not found. E.g., if you search for „roses“, only photos containing these tags are displayed. Other images tagged as „flower“, „plant“ or „beautiful“ will not be displayed, even, if they have roses as a motif.

However, you should avoid tags that do not fit into the content, since the corresponding images would otherwise displayed inappropriate in search results.

Even if its a painstaking work and you feel tempted to skip that step: effective keywording is a helpful tool to increase the visibility of your photos! In general you should use 10 up to 25 terms. Use single terms as much as possible to improve future search results. Avoid special characters (like „&“), except they are important national characters, you want to use (e.g. ñ, ø,…)

You can create your own sequence and it also depends on the motif, but this list can be taken into consideration:


Describe the main subject of your photo with the most basic terms, choose particular attributes that really stand out.


Where was the picture taken? E.g. add the country, area, National Park, city, place, street, etc.

Image details

Define the focus: is it a tree, a twig or just a leaf?


If its a main creative element, add conditions, like rain, fog, thunderstorm, snow, etc.


Summer, winter, autumn, spring, Easter, Christmas, etc.

Day time

Night, morning; consider also dawn, sunset, twilight

Emotions or inspirations

Does your photo express a feeling? Use attributes like: lonely, abandoned, crowded, sad, happy, etc.


Sometimes it may be important to add your equipment: Canon 60D, Tamron 17-50mm F/2,8 XR Di II VC LD, Polarizer, ND filter, etc.

Think like a searcher. Users are often looking for themes or keywords. This could be specific, but also at a general level. Use tags that cover the full range of your photo.

Check your spelling! The search will not find misspelled words and so your photo would not be listed within the search results.


Its not appropriate giving your photo tags that do not fit into the photo. Your pictures appear in inappropriate situations and cause annoyance to other users. You will not get more viewers, but more complaints.

For the benefit of all members of fotocommunity: please use only suitable tags.

The section framework is back today!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-20 um 11.31.59


Dear members!

For  the last weeks we have focused on realizing our high priority work package. And we are glad to present its result today: the new section framework.

Sections are thematically organized areas, to which from now on photos can be assigned during upload. By assigning a photo to a section, finding specific photos will be easier. Sections will structure the large variety of photo scenes thematically. Thus they offer you easier navigation and a wide range of inspiration.

The section framework  went live today and now ist possible again to navigate through sections in all categories and to upload or move pictures into sections. In a second step we will enable the search through individual sections, but we ask for your patience, because it will be implemented after the turn of the year.

Right now we wish you a lot of fun exploring the different sections!


Team fotocommunity

Complete Membership: special offer ending soon!

The current discount for the complete membership ends soon.

The discounted offer of our complete membership (including Adobe PS & LR) ends on 21.11.2016.

Get the complete membership now for the discounted price of 175,89 € for 12 months instead of 191,88 €.

You will save € 62.79 in the first year compared to an individual purchase.

The complete membership includes:

All benefits of the premium membership (fotocommunity World) in all language versions:

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography including Adobe Photoshop  & Adobe Lightroom

Find detailed information following the link:

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fotocommunity advancement: new design of friends list

Your feedback is important to us

Due to a lot of feedbacks from our members we started to improve and optimize the well-known friends list. We have adapted them to the current design and added some new and easy to access functions.

You will now have a clear and detailed overview of your contacts via 4 different riders:

public friends
Whom I follow
Who follows me
Who do I ignore

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-05 um 12.18.51

The list can be sorted according to 4 different criteria:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-05 um 12.20.05


Important note:

Privacy is very important to us. We understand that there are situations where you do not want other members to see whom you follow. Therefore, you can enable and disable this option at any time in the privacy settings.

However, the list of members following you is not affected. And thats for a reason: because every photographer is an artist. And art is admired by others. And admiration is not at the discretion of the artist but the admirer. The artist himself control influence: he can decide which art he admires. And he can decide whether he wants to uncover, whom he admires (that is whom he follows).

So you cannot influence the decision of others following you. But you may decide to publish or not your own favorite artists.

Privacy settings

If you do not want to show, whom you follow, you can disable this option. Just set the checkmark “Don’t show who I follow – neither lists nor my notifications” in your privacy settings.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-05 um 13.14.42

The new fotocommunity has arrived


We are incredibly proud to present the new fotocommunity to you today. Like we announced in the past weeks, we worked hard on making the fotocommunity easier, more modern, and more user-friendly. Now you can experience the result for yourself. And we’re sure that you’ll like it.

Why are we changing? What defines us? You’ll find the answers to these questions in the following film:

We connect people – in front of and behind the camera. That has been our mission for the past 15 years. And it will continue to be for the next 15 years.

With our new fotocommunity, we have now paved the way for the advancement of our community:

  • With our new search function, it is easier than ever to find awesome pictures and fascinating members.
  • Our new single-frame view gives great photos more room to display their full potential. At the same time, all relevant information regarding the picture is easily traceable.
  • Our photos are now displayed in a bigger format and give the viewer the opportunity to deal with the picture on a more intense level.
  • Several pictures can be uploaded and edited at the same time – as fast as never before.
  • The new profile integrates all information about the photographer/the member in a well-arranged manner.
  • I can now compliment interesting photos. I can follow exciting photographers and can keep up-to-date in this way.
  • I can control the new fotocommunity easily and comfortably from all devices – also from my tablet or smartphone.

But that is only the beginning. In the next months, we will develop the fotocommunity further and further. Like Chris has already explained, we will use the new fotocommunity as a starting point for a sophisticated, well-designed advancement. The result provides more individuality for you as a member while the usability will be simpler for all visitors.

The new fotocommunity – a structural restoration in several phases

Let’s compare the current situation with the renovation of a house. The old fotocommunity started 15 years ago as a small house and was expanded step by step by more and more annexes. Some annexes were already built in a more modern way and therefore already had underfloor heating, for example, while other parts of the house were still heated by a fireplace. Since they were constructed by different architects, all of the annexes also look different from each other. As a visitor to the house, I had a hard time finding my way around. If I had memorised the floor plan, I could get along. Otherwise, I could err through the winding corridors for a while. Little by little, the architecture of the house also did not correspond to modern standards anymore. A modernisation was in order.

We have now structurally restored the house. The base was completely replaced and refurbished with modern building equipment (picture system, search technology, etc.). The windows (pictures) are now bigger, the rooms structurally arranged and easily findable (navigation). All new areas of the house are accessible without barriers (all devices) and newly painted (new design).

However we have not torn down, but structurally restored. There are still annexes that could not yet be restored in the current construction phase (dates, models, home page, forum). Some of the old wires could also not yet be exchanged (news system). And a few of the extensions wished for by the inhabitants (f.ex. group function) have been postponed until coming construction phases. After all, the base first has to be modernised before additional corrections can be put into place.

We have designed the construction plans together with you. Your feedback on what the house should look like in the future was and is enormously important and has helped us a lot. Even in the first phase of construction (beta test), we were able to built in a lot of improvements because of your feedback. For this, we are very grateful to you.

Of course a renovation also means that as a resident of the house, I have to reorientate myself after moving in again. Some rooms or switches are now in a different place. They are in a better place, but I first have to get to know the new routes and locations. The new colour is beaming and seems unfamiliar in the first few days. And I have to get used to the bigger windows – but will soon learn to appreciate them. And then soon, I will feel at home again.

As architects, we have put a lot of thought into how the house should look and work – and how the move to the new fotocommunity can be configured as easily and comfortably as possible. On every page with a new design, guidelines will appear on your first visit, which will lead you through the new page and its functions. You can open these guidelines again at any time. Just click on the blue light bulb on the bottom left. Additionally, you’ll find a post on each new page type in our blog, which explains this page with pictures and videos.

Like on every long-planned construction project with a lot of subsections, we could build more and more on this forever. But we have divided the overall project into several construction phases in order not to deprive you of the new house for too long. This means: You can now move in and for us, the new phase of construction begins. The plan is ready, but as always, we’re happy to receive your feedback. And as usual, we will continue to always keep you up-to-date on planned advancements of our house, the fotocommunity.

Until then, we now hope you enjoy the shining new fotocommunity.

In the name of the entire, very proud, team


PS: at this point too, it is time to say thank you. To our developers and our product management, who have done a fantastic job. To our community managers, who stand by your side day and night to offer help and support. To our marketing team, who offer you amazing product tests together with our partners. To all our other helpers, who make it possible to advance the fotocommunity. And of course to you – for your loyalty and your commitment. Because we go all out for you day after day. And you reward us with your enthusiasm for the fotocommunity. It honours and motivates us immensely and we thank you so much for it.