October Photo Challenge – presenting the winners

The October Photo Challenge has been a real challenge. Long Exposure Photos need more planning and technical skills. But look at the results: its worth the effort.

Now this Photo Challenge is closed and evaluated. The winners have been determined through the voting by our members of fotocommunity.

Congratulations to Piet Ha, first place (7.8)!










Congratulations to Andreas.Brink, second place (7.42)!

rolling stones

















Congratulations to Darek Canonfun, third place (6.25)!

Spanish Point











Dear photographers, thank you very much for your participation!

All photos of the Photo Challenge: Long Exposure Photography

team fotocommunity.com

New messaging system – current status

After a detailed analysis and intensive research we decided not to buy a messaging system as an existing product but to program it ourselves. Thus we keep our independence and can ensure that the messaging system is functional, tailored to the requirements of fotocommunity and always up-to-date.
After conception and building the foundations of the technical basis for the implementation we are able to introduce the first visible work status of the new fotocommunity message system.

Our goal – comprehensible communication
Lost Quickmessages, which were closed accidentally and are no longer visible, or a missing outbox, with the new system it belongs to the past as well as answers to your messages without your quoted message.
The new system will completely replace Quickmessages and Fotomails with a unified, modern and versatile messaging system. You will always be informed about your conversations and you will be able to handle them.In this article we show you the current state of our developments.

The current state of our developments

  • overview of conversations
  • write a message
  • details and options (e.g. mute, block, delete)
  • start a single conversation
  • start a group conversation

Neither the appearance nor the functions are final. This is our current work status. Certain terms are not yet translated, some features are still missing and graphics are not yet final.

When starting the message system, you will first see an overview of your current ongoing discussions. These are listed in the left panel and are sorted by the last written or received message: the most recent conversation is at the top.Based on the the date you can tell when the last message was received or written in the conversation.




Write a message
If you want to write a message in one of your existing conversations, select the person or group from the sidebar. In the right area you monitor your ongoing conversation. At the bottom you can enter your message or add photos to your message via the plus icon. In the right area you can choose different smileys and add them to your message.












Adjust the details of a conversation
If you have selected a conversation, you can adjust the details via a button in the upper right corner. Here you can mute the call, block the user or delete the call. In the upper area you can see the current online status of your conversation partner, if enabled in the privacy settings of the conversation partner.












Start a conversation
If you like to start a new conversation, simply select the function in the sidebar. You get an overview of your current contacts. You can either select a contact from the list or add it at the bottom using a search field.
You can start the conversation either with one person or with several people (group entertainment). In the following step, once you have selected several people, you can give the conversation a name and a picture.
For group conversations, all selected people will receive an invitation to this discussion group. After accepting the invitation your messages will be delivered directly to all persons assigned to the conversation. The organization of regular meetings or photo meetings will be so much easier and more efficient. You will be able to talk to several interested people about exciting photographic topics simultaneously.

Similar to a one-on-one conversation, you can also adjust the details in a group conversation. If enabled in the privacy settings you can see the online status of all group members.



This should suffice as information about our current status. In the future we will introduce further functions of the messaging system, which will really simplify the exchange with other photographers.

In addition the embedding of external content and, of course, content from fotocommunity (folders, sections, photos, users, etc.) or the upload of files within conversations.

Until then we wish you a lot of fun in our fotocommunity.

Kind Regards

Your team fotocommunity


Photo Challenge: Long Exposure Photography

A new Photo Challenge:

Long Exposure Photography

Take part in a difficult (or not so) part of photography: “bulb mode” as a means of photographic design is challenging photographers. Tripod, flashlight, filters, patience, all are needed to get satisfying results. It will bring your camera to the limits and maybe yourself. Let us take part in your experience.

Here are five essential tips for successful bulb mode photos:

  • choose a sturdy platform to avoid vibrations (tripod, remote or cabled shutter release, solid ground)
  • keep the ISO adjustments as low as possible to avoid noisy images
  • look for a suitable object to get an eye-catching effect (waterfall, highway, lighted ferry wheel, etc.)
  • bring patience to control the whole process
  • get dressed respectively for the situation

Show us your best long exposure photos!

Structure and stages of the Photo Challenge:

Upload & Voting Phase from 20. September 2017 to 20. October 2017

Extended Voting Only Phase until 30. October 2017

Announcement of the Results: 31. October 2017

How to participate:

  1. All registered photographers of fotocommunity are eligible to participate. (Register now)
  2. Each account may participate in the Photo Challenge with 3 different pictures.
  3. The photos can only be voted by our premium members. (Become a premium member now)
  4. Please no copyright notice in the photo and in the title!
  5. Photos that do not fit into the competition will be removed.
  6. The photos are anonymous during the upload and voting phase.
  7. Failure to comply to the rules will result in administrative removal of the photo.

Interested? Upload your photo here !

The first three winning photos will be placed in the Gallery.

A new subsection: analog photography

Analog Photography – its still an issue

Photographic film is not out of date. Some photographers still use film in addition to their digital equipment. And the number is increasing. And yes, for we are a community of photographers, we have members still using their analog equipment. And one of them suggested to create a section to meet the needs. So we did.

Here it is: analog photography

Looking for reasons to use an old analog camera? Here are some and you may add your personal point of view to it:

  • full format
  • film has its own character
  • natural High Dynamic Range
  • artisan tradition
  • permanent storage
  • the smell of the chemicals
  • no dead batteries while on tour
  • different to the mainstream

We are excited about viewing your treasures of analog photography. Feel free to upload your once analog handcrafted work.


Matthias Moritz

team fotocommunity.com


New comments function implemented

Improved communication – all about your photos!

Now you are able to directly respond to comments under your photo. This allows you to separate different discussions of a single picture.

To help you to keep the overview of all your photo discussions, we also optimized the notification display. You will receive the following notifications by “bell” and by mail:

  • reply to your comment
  • more answers to a current discussion
  • appreciation of a comment

You can customize your email preferences to receive additional notifications.

Clicking on the notification or the link in the email will directly show you the new added comment or the answer. This eliminates the annoying search for the latest comment and you can focus on the discussion.

Appreciation of comments

From now on you also have the opportunity to appreciate individual comments or answers. In this way you can agree to a good and / or helpful comment or express gratitude. It helps you to acknowledge individual annotations without having to enter the discussion.