Important: new image system for fotocommunity!

Dear members,

In this article we inform you about a change in our image system, which is completely new.

In preparation of the fotocommunity relaunch the new image system has been installed. This system is responsible for transferring and displaying the pictures on the website.

Specifically, this means:

Until the relaunch all thumbnails will be square-shaped automatically with a centered crop.

No individual choice will be offered until then, because this option will no longer be needed.

In the future all photos will be displayed in their original format only.

Soon you can experience the result of the changes of the renewed fotocommunity. We are very curious to see how you like the new overview of your search results!


Best Regards


Matthias Moritz

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In the last two years we have invested a lot of time and efforts in the infrastructure of our community and prepared significant advancements in the background. This work is now completed. At the same time we were able to work intensively on the design and the usability of our fotocommunity. We are very excited to introduce you to the improved fotocommunity within the next few weeks! Continue reading

New: fotohome is out – “photo portfolio” is in!

This week fotocommunity offers a new feature: the photo portfolio for every member. It works like a photo website and you may choose among several templates to create your personal photo portfolio presenting your best photos.

Your portfolio is optimized for internet search engines. You can reach more visitors interested in your photos.

Your portfolio is ready for social media. Insert “like” or “Share”-buttons to present your portfolio.


Just follow the procedure within the drop-down menu under your account name linking to “my portfolio” and within a few minutes your selected albums are ready to shine! Send the link of your portfolio to your friends!

Kind Regards

Matthias Moritz

Team fotocommunity


We ❤ comic heroes – Fanart by fotocommunity photographers

Do you remember your first comic book? In this article we would like to show you some great Marvel and DC fanart we found at!
What is your favourite character in these universes? Tell us in the comments!



IRON MAN by Werner Burgstaller

IRON MAN by Werner Burgstaller making of @

Iron Man by GoRo112

Iron Man by GoRo112


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Sexy in black and white – monochrome photography

Monochrome photographies were the first photographies ever. Many years later we had the opportunity to shoot our motifs with all their colours.
In this photo spread we show you how sexy monochrome photography can be – have fun and feel free to comment!

monochrome photo: b&w dans un intérieur 26 by Pietro De Angelis 1  Model: Kory - Lu Ce

b&w dans un intérieur 26 by Pietro De Angelis 1 Model: Kory – Lu Ce

monochrome photo: My love by Jennifer Eve Ramm - Model: Irene Osei-Poku

“My love by Jennifer Eve Ramm – Model: Irene Osei-Poku

monochrome photo: 09-11-10__MG_5201-2 by Massimo Passalacqua

09-11-10__MG_5201-2 by Massimo Passalacqua

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