Like to try out the new fotocommunity?


In the last two years we have invested a lot of time and efforts in the infrastructure of our community and prepared significant advancements in the background. This work is now completed. At the same time we were able to work intensively on the design and the usability of our fotocommunity. We are very excited to introduce you to the improved fotocommunity within the next few weeks!

For this purpose we start a closed beta-test phase today. During this time small groups are given the opportunity to test the „new“ fotocommunity by putting it through its paces and give us their feedback on how we can become even better. And you can be part of it: apply now for participating in the test phase. You will find the application form at the bottom of this page.

What can you expect in the first test phase?
First of all, we thought intensively about how we can better present what makes us unique: your photos and the photographers of the community.

We start with a major redesign of fotocommunity including a fresh design, a superior and very smart search engine, an easy to use navigation and an attractive full wide view of pictures.
The aim of this first phase is to find your photos better, faster and easier and to create a more coherent environment for your pictures. Another innovation: in the future you will be able to use fotocommunity easily and responsively via tablet or smartphone.

What happens during the test?
All these changes are now being thoroughly tested by small groups – the first group is already at work. To be admitted to one of the following test groups you will find an application form at the bottom of this page. Every tester can give us his feedback in a personal conversation. Afterwards we will analyze the feedback to correct any errors found. After each step we invite new groups to help us to improve the new fotocommunity until everything is perfect.

Finally all users will get access to the new version.

What happens next?
In parallel, we are working on further innovations that will be introduced progressively. The new fotocommunity is far from finished in this first phase of testing. But we will enhance your fotocommunity step by step – together with you. We are looking forward to receive your feedback and to improve our community continuously.
fotocommunity is the digital home of 1.5 million photographic enthusiasts. Our goal is that everyone feels comfortable with us – from the beginner to the professional. This is why we listen to you attentively. We are aware that it did not work out perfectly in earlier years, but we have learned and we will prove that we can do better.

If you like to try out the new page and want to take an active part in providing your feedback, apply now for the test phase. Just enter your contact data in the form, which you can find below. For all applications, we select users progressively and invite them to test the new fotocommunity.

In advance we thank you for your willingness and look forward to your opinion of the new face of fotocommunity!

On behalf of the entire team of fotocommunity,

Apply now until 31st December 2015 for our beta phase, which will start in early January.


21 thoughts on “Like to try out the new fotocommunity?

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  1. Looking forward to something fresh and clean…..Happy New Year to you all. Roy.

  2. Look forward to seeing the new ideas

  3. S ZAJC -

    Thank you. It is like with a new gear – you need time and you should be patient to discover all benefits. Until then much more comments then pleasure are rolling around.

  4. We’ll wait and try.

  5. pe-r -

    I love change, advancement. More of the same is poor whereas creativity attracts, inspires, motivates, engages. I’m really interested to see what the new fotocommunity is going to do

  6. Måske vil jeg også prøve det ny fotocommunity.

  7. Syborgh -

    We’ll wait and see. Innovation and renewal doesn’t always mean improvement, as Flickr for instance has proven conclusively: the endless scrolling through loads and loads of photo’s discourages the pleasure.

  8. Very interresting. I like fotocommunity.

  9. I’m looking forward to whatever new features fotocommunitiy will offer us, even though I was already quite satisfied with the “old” look’n’feel. Let’s wait and see…. and, let’s not forget that, many thanks to the fotocommunity team for their efforts.

  10. I am qurious and I like to try something new on my favorit photosite. I like changes wich we got during 2015. So looking forward for the next part of news)
    Marry Christmas and happy New Year!

  11. I`m always curious about new development and the hopefully better usebility and will be gratefull if I could help to debug the new fotocommunity infrastructure. I wish everyone a nice December.

  12. RoeSo -

    yes i would love to try out

  13. It is pleasure for me feel your atention. Thank you and Marry Christmas!!!

  14. I’m looking forward to checking out the new features

  15. my englisch is not so good, i can try it….

  16. Yes ,I like to try it out….
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the team…

  17. I’m back and i will try it.

  18. Thank you and my best wishes for Christmas to FC Team! …and a great 2016 to you all. ;-)

  19. Bonte -

    I like to do this