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I has been announced some weeks ago: fotocommunity’s new menu! Yesterday it was launched finally. Of course it might look strange in the beginning, but don’t be afraid: The new menu, now located on the right side of your screen, will make the handling of fotocommunity’s features much easier.
Here is how it looks, here is how it works:
At first glance there might be some menu seem to be missing, but don’t panic! Everything is as it was before … but better! If you click one of the menu items a sub-selection will open (see picture – 1). And by the way: If you use some of the menu items quite often, for example the item “My Photos” and it’s sub-selections “Upload photo” or “Photos from buddies” and so on, just click the icon besides the text (see picture – 2). If you do so the menu will stay open and will be available as soon as you open the site for the next time. Even after a logout your personal settings will be saved and be available for you as you left them before. You save a lot of clicks and won’t have to search your most used features every time you re-log.
If you watch a photo in the full size view, the menu will be minimized automatically. This keeps the focus on the photo. But it needs only one click on the referring link to reopen it again (Menu, top right on your screen, just besides the search bar).
Are there more changes? Yes … If you navigate through the photos the page numbers will stay available (and visible) at the top of the screen (see picture – 4)… just try it!
And: You’ll find the search bar always at the same (new) place: Top right of your screen, right besides the menu (see picture – 5).
Finally: There is a new channel … “People” …We had a lot of requests for this channel and with the new design we finally could implement it. Besides of that one there is a new “channel name: Special” which is nothing else than the well known former Topics channel (see picture – 3).
We will optimize the handling of the menus in the future to prevent it from reloading with the rest of the site. Another step in making fotocommunity even more “easy to handle” for you!

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  1. Ibo Ibo -
  2. I haven’t stood on the balcony at Martin’s house, but I heve seen where it is located………you lucky, lucky man Martin. It was great to meet you, Grit and tove in Bergen, along with Atle and Norbert………and we managed yet another impromptue meet with Martin Totto and dear Christianne :))))))))

  3. When: there’s no need to kill. Just ring at the doorbell… :)

  4. When -

    Lucky bugs. I’d kill to just stand on Martin’s balcony for that view.