Important: new image system for fotocommunity!

Dear members,

In this article we inform you about a change in our image system, which is completely new.

In preparation of the fotocommunity relaunch the new image system has been installed. This system is responsible for transferring and displaying the pictures on the website.

Specifically, this means:

Until the relaunch all thumbnails will be square-shaped automatically with a centered crop.

No individual choice will be offered until then, because this option will no longer be needed.

In the future all photos will be displayed in their original format only.

Soon you can experience the result of the changes of the renewed fotocommunity. We are very curious to see how you like the new overview of your search results!


Best Regards


Matthias Moritz

5 thoughts on “Important: new image system for fotocommunity!

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  1. Where are my photos???????

  2. You have removed the full screen display that was automatic when one clicked on the photo to view and now reduced it to the size of a 35mm film print. This lacks details and the purpose for posting. I must end my membership if this is the way of the future. Face Book or even 500px has automatic full screen photo displays. Sorry the new system does not work for me.

  3. I like the “new face” of FC! For me it’s comfortable ane easy to use it.
    Best regards

  4. It looks great but I can’t change the category label in the upload section so I can’t upload. Heard other members having the same problem

  5. i’M SORRY but the new image system is not of my liking. The old one was much more handy in use and communication. I can’t get used to it.
    alexander stefanatos