Frontpage: Your community – your choice …

When I read the ongoing discussion about the new front page design and the concerns which came up in connection to the “jury selection” of photos for some of the time slots, I felt the need to work out a way to involve you into this procedure.
Here is what I came up with:
Since this is your community, why should you not be involved in the featuring of the photographers on the starting page?
Well … let’s give it a try and start the thing with 30 available slots for which you can propose the featured photographer!
How do you propose your favourite photographer?
Simple … all you have to do is the following:
1) Please write a comment to the regarding photo, which explains why you submit this particular photo for the front page.
2) Post a comment to this blog entry with a link to the regarding photo (full link – including http://….)
Some basic rules:
We will not discuss your choice!
But of course we will watch that no “boneheads” try to offend or expose another member and we won’t discuss our decission not to use that photo for the front page as well … ;-)
Self proposals are not allowed for this project!
Le’s see how this thing works out ….
Looking forward to see your proposals … :-)

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