Important: tag your photos! Here is a short guideline

Assign keywords to your photos

Every day thousands of photos are uploaded to fotocommunity. But how can you be sure your photos will be found some days later? This is, why „tagging“ should be an important part of your workflow before publishing a photo.

Tagging your photos means that you describe them with matching keywords, so that your photos are easily found by the users in relevant search results.

The choice of the right keywords is crucial, because even a great photo is completely useless if it is not found. E.g., if you search for „roses“, only photos containing these tags are displayed. Other images tagged as „flower“, „plant“ or „beautiful“ will not be displayed, even, if they have roses as a motif.

However, you should avoid tags that do not fit into the content, since the corresponding images would otherwise displayed inappropriate in search results.

Even if its a painstaking work and you feel tempted to skip that step: effective keywording is a helpful tool to increase the visibility of your photos! In general you should use 10 up to 25 terms. Use single terms as much as possible to improve future search results. Avoid special characters (like „&“), except they are important national characters, you want to use (e.g. ñ, ø,…)

You can create your own sequence and it also depends on the motif, but this list can be taken into consideration:


Describe the main subject of your photo with the most basic terms, choose particular attributes that really stand out.


Where was the picture taken? E.g. add the country, area, National Park, city, place, street, etc.

Image details

Define the focus: is it a tree, a twig or just a leaf?


If its a main creative element, add conditions, like rain, fog, thunderstorm, snow, etc.


Summer, winter, autumn, spring, Easter, Christmas, etc.

Day time

Night, morning; consider also dawn, sunset, twilight

Emotions or inspirations

Does your photo express a feeling? Use attributes like: lonely, abandoned, crowded, sad, happy, etc.


Sometimes it may be important to add your equipment: Canon 60D, Tamron 17-50mm F/2,8 XR Di II VC LD, Polarizer, ND filter, etc.

Think like a searcher. Users are often looking for themes or keywords. This could be specific, but also at a general level. Use tags that cover the full range of your photo.

Check your spelling! The search will not find misspelled words and so your photo would not be listed within the search results.


Its not appropriate giving your photo tags that do not fit into the photo. Your pictures appear in inappropriate situations and cause annoyance to other users. You will not get more viewers, but more complaints.

For the benefit of all members of fotocommunity: please use only suitable tags.

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