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Don´t walk

A special theme of photography is to take pictures in public places, mostly on streets and places. Henri Cartier-Bresson has been one of the famous specialists and master of street photography. He only took his beloved small camera, a Leica, and it is said that he could wait hours at a corner or place just to capture that one perfect situation.

Nowadays a lot people still like to take photos on the streets, catching scenes of life. So we suggest to take a look into our section of street photography and discover eye-catching documentaries of people and their environment.

Street photography not necessarily needs to include people. Also traces of human existence can tell a story of life.

We exemplary would like to introduce a few photographers, who are engaged with the subject of street photography, presenting their fine results in our fotocommunity. Take the chance to browse through their photos and leave a comment!

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Swing & Slide chair


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TD 12-2019


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Exister ou disparaître


If you like to discover more, please follow the link.

May be your get inspired? Getting results? Don´t hesitate to upload your street photos in this section!


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