Introduced: Nature Photography

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey – Photographer: Johan Lennartsson


A wide range of photography is covered by depicting nature in all varieties. It includes wildlife, landscapes, plants, phenomena and close-ups of details as well. There is no comprehensive definition of nature photography, it touches too many genres and opportunities to take pictures.

Some good advices to get the best results:

Dress accordingly! Hiking shoes and outdoor clothing will protect you better.

Use the rule of thirds, which will set a harmonious focus on your motive.

Get familiar with your camera settings to react quickly on changing situations.

Be patient.

Have fun and enjoy the surrounding nature!

Respect ethical concerns and do not stress or harm wildlife by getting to close. Do not overrun and destroy natural areas.

We exemplary would like to introduce a few photographers, who are engaged with the subject of nature photography, presenting their fine results in our fotocommunity. Take the chance to browse through their photos and leave a comment!

Photographer: Ted Raynor


Photographer: Milos Villaris


Photographer: aorta-besler


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