One photo – different formats

Some time ago, reading in a photo magazine* an article about using image formats to compose a photo caught my eyes.

As a summary: by choosing the aspect ratio, the photographer can significantly influence the mood of his pictures.

One example, introduced in the article, was the ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, which is mainly used in comsumer electronics that captured my interest.

city street scene at traffic lights

city street scene 3:2

Mostly we publish or print our photos in common aspect ratios. Like 3:2 or 4:3. We are used to it. But what impact will a change have on the photo? I took the same photo and cropped it to the CinemaScope format 21:9

street scene 21:9

See the difference!

So, how about checking your photos? Too ordinary to show it? Try the ultra-wide format and see, wether it adds a new touch to the photo!

Upload your result in our section 21:9 Format


*The article has been published in Colorfoto 11/2020

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