A new subsection: analog photography

Analog Photography – its still an issue

Photographic film is not out of date. Some photographers still use film in addition to their digital equipment. And the number is increasing. And yes, for we are a community of photographers, we have members still using their analog equipment. And one of them suggested to create a section to meet the needs. So we did.

Here it is: analog photography

Looking for reasons to use an old analog camera? Here are some and you may add your personal point of view to it:

  • full format
  • film has its own character
  • natural High Dynamic Range
  • artisan tradition
  • permanent storage
  • the smell of the chemicals
  • no dead batteries while on tour
  • different to the mainstream

We are excited about viewing your treasures of analog photography. Feel free to upload your once analog handcrafted work.


Matthias Moritz

team fotocommunity.com


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