New messaging system – current status

After a detailed analysis and intensive research we decided not to buy a messaging system as an existing product but to program it ourselves. Thus we keep our independence and can ensure that the messaging system is functional, tailored to the requirements of fotocommunity and always up-to-date.
After conception and building the foundations of the technical basis for the implementation we are able to introduce the first visible work status of the new fotocommunity message system.

Our goal – comprehensible communication
Lost Quickmessages, which were closed accidentally and are no longer visible, or a missing outbox, with the new system it belongs to the past as well as answers to your messages without your quoted message.
The new system will completely replace Quickmessages and Fotomails with a unified, modern and versatile messaging system. You will always be informed about your conversations and you will be able to handle them.In this article we show you the current state of our developments.

The current state of our developments

  • overview of conversations
  • write a message
  • details and options (e.g. mute, block, delete)
  • start a single conversation
  • start a group conversation

Neither the appearance nor the functions are final. This is our current work status. Certain terms are not yet translated, some features are still missing and graphics are not yet final.

When starting the message system, you will first see an overview of your current ongoing discussions. These are listed in the left panel and are sorted by the last written or received message: the most recent conversation is at the top.Based on the the date you can tell when the last message was received or written in the conversation.




Write a message
If you want to write a message in one of your existing conversations, select the person or group from the sidebar. In the right area you monitor your ongoing conversation. At the bottom you can enter your message or add photos to your message via the plus icon. In the right area you can choose different smileys and add them to your message.












Adjust the details of a conversation
If you have selected a conversation, you can adjust the details via a button in the upper right corner. Here you can mute the call, block the user or delete the call. In the upper area you can see the current online status of your conversation partner, if enabled in the privacy settings of the conversation partner.












Start a conversation
If you like to start a new conversation, simply select the function in the sidebar. You get an overview of your current contacts. You can either select a contact from the list or add it at the bottom using a search field.
You can start the conversation either with one person or with several people (group entertainment). In the following step, once you have selected several people, you can give the conversation a name and a picture.
For group conversations, all selected people will receive an invitation to this discussion group. After accepting the invitation your messages will be delivered directly to all persons assigned to the conversation. The organization of regular meetings or photo meetings will be so much easier and more efficient. You will be able to talk to several interested people about exciting photographic topics simultaneously.

Similar to a one-on-one conversation, you can also adjust the details in a group conversation. If enabled in the privacy settings you can see the online status of all group members.



This should suffice as information about our current status. In the future we will introduce further functions of the messaging system, which will really simplify the exchange with other photographers.

In addition the embedding of external content and, of course, content from fotocommunity (folders, sections, photos, users, etc.) or the upload of files within conversations.

Until then we wish you a lot of fun in our fotocommunity.

Kind Regards

Your team fotocommunity


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