New comments function implemented

Improved communication – all about your photos!

Now you are able to directly respond to comments under your photo. This allows you to separate different discussions of a single picture.

To help you to keep the overview of all your photo discussions, we also optimized the notification display. You will receive the following notifications by “bell” and by mail:

  • reply to your comment
  • more answers to a current discussion
  • appreciation of a comment

You can customize your email preferences to receive additional notifications.

Clicking on the notification or the link in the email will directly show you the new added comment or the answer. This eliminates the annoying search for the latest comment and you can focus on the discussion.

Appreciation of comments

From now on you also have the opportunity to appreciate individual comments or answers. In this way you can agree to a good and / or helpful comment or express gratitude. It helps you to acknowledge individual annotations without having to enter the discussion.

3 thoughts on “New comments function implemented

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  3. Hello,
    I noticed that when I reply to a comment, this adds to the number of comments the photo has received. Shouldn’t the replies not count as comments? If I respond to each comment received, it appears as if the photo got twice as many comments! Also I was curious if the commentator gets notification of their comment having a response.

    Thanks for implementing this function, as it makes it easy to respond to a comment.