Improved upload: assign up to three sections!

Along with the current optimization of fotocommunity we now present the multiple allocation of sections. With this improvement we are following the desire of many fotocommunity members to be able to assign photos more flexibly.

In the last few weeks we transferred the data of our approximately 20 million photos into a new database structure. We have adapted many lines of fotocommunity code, optimized the upload, the editing page and the fotocommunity search.

Photos are complex. They allow various interpretative approaches and corresponding thematic assignments. We hope to meet your expectations now: premium members can assign up to three sections at a time.

upload with allocation of three sections


infobox below the published photo











Your benefits:

  • diverse assignment of your photos in up to 3 thematically suitable areas
  • more attention for your photo

For members with a free account one section for the upload is still available.

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