Improved search: section navigation integrated for better results

fotocommunity offers you an infinite number of photos on completely different topics and interests. That´s why we standardized the navigation. Now you are able to reach these different thematic areas everywhere within fotocommunity the same way.

After you became acquainted with the new drill-down navigation tool implemented into the section navigation, upload and edit form, in the last step it has been integrated into the photo search engine.

This navigation allows you to narrow a search to individual sections. You can now find more targeted photos for your search terms – and exactly what you want to see.

fotocommunity has many other sections with interesting images as well for your search term. For this reason, we offer you additional sections, which also match the search term, taking the selected subsection into account.

Now you can also browse in other sections of fotocommunity and let yourself be inspired by your chosen search term.

The searchability of sections offers you the further possibility that your photos are even better found by other users. Because the deeper you upload your photos into subsections of fotocommunity, the higher the probability that your images will be found and viewed.

Each section displays all images from all subsections. If you load your image directly into a main category without selecting a subsection, the image can only be found in the first layer – the global view of the main section. But if a visitor jumps directly into a deeper subsection, he will never be able to see your photo.

However, regardless of any chosen section or subsection a mandatory requirement for your pictures to be found by keywords is, of course, a correct indexing.

Related to tagging photos I´ve added a short, helpful guideline some time ago.

Enjoy fotocommunity!

     Matthias Moritz

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