fotocommunity advancement: new design of friends list

Your feedback is important to us

Due to a lot of feedbacks from our members we started to improve and optimize the well-known friends list. We have adapted them to the current design and added some new and easy to access functions.

You will now have a clear and detailed overview of your contacts via 4 different riders:

public friends
Whom I follow
Who follows me
Who do I ignore

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-05 um 12.18.51

The list can be sorted according to 4 different criteria:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-05 um 12.20.05


Important note:

Privacy is very important to us. We understand that there are situations where you do not want other members to see whom you follow. Therefore, you can enable and disable this option at any time in the privacy settings.

However, the list of members following you is not affected. And thats for a reason: because every photographer is an artist. And art is admired by others. And admiration is not at the discretion of the artist but the admirer. The artist himself control influence: he can decide which art he admires. And he can decide whether he wants to uncover, whom he admires (that is whom he follows).

So you cannot influence the decision of others following you. But you may decide to publish or not your own favorite artists.

Privacy settings

If you do not want to show, whom you follow, you can disable this option. Just set the checkmark “Don’t show who I follow – neither lists nor my notifications” in your privacy settings.

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