Advancement: follow a section

Better overview on topics of your interest

Thematically fotocommunity is divided into nearly 20.000, partly very specific sections. This simplifies the assignment of your photo to a certain topic, but makes it difficult to find interesting pictures.

In order to streamline the overview of topics of interest for you, it is now possible to follow certain sections. This means that you can now also subscribe to sections as well as following other members. You find the “Follow”-button in the header of each subsection (main categories are excluded).

"Follow" - Button in the header of the selected subsection

“Follow” – Button in the header of the selected subsection

My sections

All pictures, which are uploaded in sections you follow, are now bundled in a separate list view. This new list of pictures can be found in “My Community” or in your “Profile”. For reasons of space we have summarized a few points in the small drop-down menu. From now on you will find there: “My Community”, “My Sections”, “Photos of Friends” and “Photo Discussions”.

The new menu "My sections" in your profile

The new menu in your profile

Management of the picture list “My sections”

The picture list “My Sections” is structured, as you already know from the individual categories. Beneath your personal menu you’ll find small thumbnails of subscribed sections and the option to manage them in a horizontal bar. If you click on one of the section previews you jump directly to the section within the section structure.

horizontal overview of your selected sections

horizontal overview of your selected sections

If you click on “Manage” on the left, a clear layout of your subscribed sections will open, with the option to unsubscribe via “Unfollow”.

Management of your selected sections - "Unfollow" - Button

Management of your selected sections

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