Constructive feedback – that´s how it works

A practical guidance to use the function constructive feedback

fotocommunity photographers have already activated this feature for their images. This clearly shows that there is a need for constructive feedback. Its not enough for these photographers to present their pictures beautifully, they are also interested in honest feedback on their pictures.

Successful constructive feedback

To ensure that you will not be disappointed, we will tell you a few tricks at this point, with which you can successfully adopt the new function for your use:

1. Think carefully about which picture you activate the new function

Much helps much is the wrong decision. If you think carefully, for which image you have questions, you are uncertain and specifically want to have feedback, then you should activate the function exactly for this photo.

2. Ask questions in the image description

In this way you help the commentator to recognize your needs and to be able to help you more concretely.

3. Do not activate a series!

It does not make sense to enable “constructive feedback” on all photos in a series. Since the pictures are usually similar and created under the same conditions, it is sufficient if a photo of the series is active.

4. Respond to feedback that other members give you!

If you have received feedback on your photo, it means that other people have worked intensively on your photos. They share their knowledge with you and want to help you. Give something back by responding to comments made by others in your photos!

5. Exchange is mutual!

Here to: tit for tat. You have received constructive feedback? Then give feedback to other photographers, who tagged their photo for constructive feedback.

You think you can not criticize constructively? Far from it! Constructive feedback is often just a description of how a picture affects you or what you might have done differently. It’s never about “good or bad”. How constructive criticism can look like was explained in this help article.

fotocommunity thrives on a constructive exchange. Of course, it is not enough to simply activate this option and wait. It’s important that you also help other photographers who want constructive feedback. Because the basis for a healthy constructive-critical debate can only be a good relationship between give and take.

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